dinsdag 12 april 2011

My adventurs from the past month

Here a new blog from me. Still sitting in France.

First some cachers discoverd me.
Tigerface likes me he said an Cezaza said that i climbed in a tree. It is a bit a shame that he did not make a photo of me in the tree :)
Before i traveld further i am also seen by Los Mosquitos and Viniausparis. Los Mosquitos said some words in German and thanks to Google translate my owner can read the words.
He sayd that he had seen mee and wishes me a good journey. Is'nt that nice.

On 13 march Alderic took me with him and at 22 march he placed me
at Fort de la Pompelle. This is also in Frace near the city Reims.
So to Aldreric thanks fore moving me again and for the others thanks for discovering me and letting my owners know that i am still traveling arround in this big big world.

I hope that the next cacher that discover me or lets me travel will take a phew poto's so that i can show where i am an let evereyone see i am happy in france.

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