maandag 19 juli 2010

Back to holland

Yesterday i came back to holland. Tib002 took me from France.
The message he posted is: "Ooops! I traded this one in france, but now I'm back in holland :S I'll try to bring it back to the South as soon as I can."
My owners laght verry hard and had a lot of fun because i am back. I also don't mind but i hope to go back to onother country soon.

donderdag 15 juli 2010


I am in France. On the map you can see where i am now. The name of the cahe is L'eau des Vian. If you click the link you can reed how to find me.

When i was resting here i had already two visitors that loged me. Lo&Kant said that i am cute and Tiphie said: "big but soft one :)"
I like it here in France but i hope that someone will place me soon some where else so i will see lots of the world.